IMA launches new digital presence

05/27/2015  -  IMA, Inc.

The IMA Financial Group, Inc. has launched a suite of complementary websites that reflect the size and scope of its comprehensive affiliates. The four new websites for The IMA Financial Group, IMA, Inc., Signature Select LLC and TrueNorth, Inc. are an important part of IMA’s strategic efforts to double the organization’s size by year 2020.

“Because these websites are our store front, it’s vital to our success that they truly represent who we are and how we make a difference,” said IMA Vice President for Communications Ruth Rohs. “They are essential for potential clients looking for a trusted partner, vital for existing clients who want to learn more about customized services and expected by new job candidates who what to learn more about our independent culture.”

The new dedicated site for the parent company uses a dominant splash screen and a responsive design to tell the organization’s story on any screen.

Built to represent the 10th-largest independently owned retail insurance broker in the country, the new taps nearly 100 pages of content to represent IMA’s comprehensive offerings in an easy-to-navigate format.

As Signature Select grows, it needs a website that better reflects the needs of small businesses and high-net-worth individuals.

To appeal to discerning clientele’s needs for financial planning services, the new delivers clean, modern design on a completely rebuilt site for today’s web consumption habits. It features a library of content to make the site a go-to resource for financial planning.

“The new digital platforms are part of a strategic plan to accelerate IMA’s future,” Rohs said. “We know these sites help advance our long-term goal of building our brand and continuing our mission to be in the top echelon of brokers in the country.”